General Daily Skin Care Tips

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Dry, itchy skin conditions can certainly be improved with good skin care regime and the use of appropriate medications, creams or lotions. Please consult your doctor before applying or consuming any medications relating to your health and/or well-being.

Identifying Triggers of Flare Ups

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As there is currently no known cure for eczema or atopic dermatitis, preventing and managing the ‘flare-ups’ will be the best option at present. To minimise the occurrences of flare-ups, we will be sharing some identified triggers in the following.

It is important to know that the list is not intended to diagnose but rather for general knowledge. As different people react differently to different triggers, discussing it with your doctor is recommended.

Eczema – Managing Irritants (Washing Detergents)

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Avoidance of triggers is important to prevent flare ups that worsen eczema and lead to poor quality of life and significant psychosocial impairment.

In the previous articles, we looked into the various triggers of eczema flare-ups. In the following, we will be sharing the various ways of managing these common triggers and irritants.

Eczema – Managing Irritants (Mild Soap and Shower)

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Besides using natural/ allergen free washing detergents, or wearing rubber gloves to avoid direct contact with common household cleansers, the use of mild soaps and the control of water temperature in shower ensure a total management of eczema triggers.

Eczema – Avoiding Allergen

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As mentioned previously, allergens are antigenic substances that are capable of producing immediate hypersensitivity or allergy reactions. They can be any substance that is capable of stimulating a specific immune response that triggers symptoms of eczema.

Allergens differ from irritants because they stimulate an immune response. There are 2 categories under allergens – Food allergens and Inhaled/Physical allergens.