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HIYA PURE Baby Skin Care

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Japanese Study: Moisturizing Babies Reduces Risk of Developing Eczema by 30%

"Regular lotion in the first few weeks of life help keep a baby's immune system intact." ~ Researchers at the Tokyo-based National Center for Child Health and Development.

HIYA PURE is specially developed by HIYA Pharmaceutical (Japan) for newborns to moisturise and protect their sensitive skin, soothes redness and discomfort caused by dryness and itchiness, and strengthens their skin defences against external irritants

SALE ON ! While Stocks Last !

Hiya Pure


HIYA PURE's  3 highly moisturising, natural Ingredients of peach leaf extract, glycerin and hyaluronic acid have the ability to lock in more moisture and naturally enriched with antimicrobials to shield babies' skin against external irritants and bacteria growth - Preventing them from developing eczema in later age.

  • Steroids-Free
  • Suitable for Newborns & Babies (0 to 2 years old)
  • Natural Ingredients - Peach Leaf Extract, Glycerin & Hyaluronic Acid
  • Deeply Moisturize and Nourish Babies' Tender Skin
  • Soothe Discomfort caused by Dryness and Itchiness
  • Strengthens Babies Skin Defense Against External Irritants
  • Made in Japan

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Established 1622

Since 1622, HIYA Pharmaceutical has specialised in manufacturing high-quality baby care products. With more than 390 years of experience in taking care of babies’ skin, HIYA PURE is well-trusted by families and households in Japan and is one of Japan’s most popular and best-selling baby skincare range.  



"The Body Milk Lotion is my favourite! I didn't believe that it could moisturise babies' skin almost immediately until I tried it on Emma." - Ashlyn


"So far, we haven't had any issue, and the redness has also completely gone away." - Michelle


"After seeing improvements on Jordan, I will readily recommend it to any babies with sensitive skin." - Geraldine