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Customer's Reviews

Ashlyn Thia (


"The Body Milk Lotion is my favourite! I didn't believe that it could moisturize babies' skin almost immediately until I tried it on Emma. Not all babies have flawless skin and Emma happens to be one of them. She gets rashes frequently and breaks out from bites of various kind. The doctor has advised to apply moisturizer on her as she might develop eczema when she grows older.

Unlike the previous 2 brands, this lotion absorbs easily into the skin and doesn't feel sticky at all. I would highly recommend the Body Milk Lotion for a start if your little ones have dry skin like Emma.

After 2 weeks, Emma still squeals in delight every day she uses them. We can't resist cute and pretty stuff, it cheers and brightens our day. Besides, I love the fruity smell and it makes Emma even sweeter!" ~ Ashlyn Thia


Michelle Hon (


"As a mom, sometimes I might get overly cautious when it comes to my children. So when my little Georgia started having reddened and dried skin, I quickly turned into an expert of sorts, searching for the best, safest and gentlest skin care solution for her and her sister, Lauren.

I might sound overly excited, but the Barrier Cream seems like a dream come true. I've noticed little redness on Georgia's bum recently, so I decided to give the Barrier Cream a try. I've been applying the Barrier Cream on Georgia after every diaper change. It takes second to absorb into Georgia's skin and doesn't have that thick and oily residue which other nappy rash cream tend to have. So far, we haven't had any issue, and the redness has also comlpetely gone away.

I've so many friends suffering from eczema and skin problem that I dread the day I'll have to see my little ones go through the same thing. So far I'm over the moon with HIYA PURE baby range - we got all the products and I must say, I'm completely in love with the brand and I can readily recommend it to everyone!" ~ Michelle Hon


Geraldine Goh ( 


 "The Facial Cream is my favourite product for little Jordan, my #1 twin. He has sensitive skin on his face that dries out easily, causing him discomfort and itchiness. I'm so glad that after using the Facial Cream for a while, his facial condition has improved and the little flare-ups on his face have reduced greatly.

After seeing improvements on Jordan, I will readily recommend it to any babies with sensitive skin. Not only do they make my babies smell nice, the use of quality ingredients assures me as a mom that my babies' skin are well-protected. Overall, I'm tremendously satisfied with HIYA PURE Baby Skin Care range of products. Thumbs up!" ~ Geraldine Guo