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Can my new born baby use HIYA PURE product range?

Yes, HIYA PURE is specially formulated with natural ingredients to suit the tender and sensitive skin of new born babies.

Must I use the HIYA PURE Bubble Soap Refill Pack together with the original HIYA PURE Bubble Soap Bottle?

Yes, the HIYA PURE Bubble Soap Refill Pack have to be used together with the original bottle to obtain the bubble foam effect when dispensed.

Where is HIYA PURE made?

HIYA PURE baby skin care range is made in Japan, by HIYA Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Since 1622, HIYA Pharmaceutical has specialised in developing and manufacturing high quality baby care products by focusing on taking care of babies’ health from inside out.

Is HIYA PURE suitable for babies with dry, sensitive skin (eczema)?

HIYA PURE Baby Skin Care range is specially developed to prevent and soothe discomfort caused by dryness and itchiness. They are formulated with 3 natural moisturizing ingredients – natural peach leaf extract, glycerine and hyaluronic acid that deeply moisturizes and protects babies’ tender and sensitive skin, while strengthening their skin defense against external irritants.

Must the facial cream be washed off?

The HIYA PURE Facial Cream is specially formulated to suit the tender and sensitive facial skin of babies and young children. It acts as a moisturizer specially for the face and does not need to be washed off after applied.

Does it have a sticky or greasy feeling after applying?

HIYA PURE Baby Skin Care range is non-sticky and non-greasy.