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Skin Care Blog

Sweat And Eczema

Quick changes in temperature can bring about the dreaded skin flare and itch that we fear the most. Sweating can make our eczema worse! Sweating can be a great challenge as it can lead to even more itching than normal.

We all sweat to stabilize our body temperature. The loss of fluids through perspiration dries out the skin, and the sodium in sweat further dehydrates and irritate it!

Research have shown that people with eczema like us are overly sensitive to our own sweat because of our weaker skin barrier. We sweat, we itch, and we scratch intensely that leads to more itching and inflammation. Sweating is the beginning to that itch-scratch cycle.


Why sweat causes more itching in eczema?

-  When sweating, our bodies release histamine and acetylcholine in response that results to more itching.

-  When sweat evapourates, Sodium left on our skin activates the nerves that transmits itch and irritation.


How can we prevent itching after sweating?

-  Drink plenty of water. Drinking fluids regularly help replace water lost during perspiration.

-  Wear loose and sweat-absorbing clothes. It prevents sweat residue build-up and skin irritation.

-  Have a quick lukewarm shower to rinse off all the sweat to avoid bacterial growth.

-  Apply moisturizer to keep skin hydrated.

When itch occurs, cool your skin and calm your itch with itch relieving therapies like Ezeque. Prevent scratching to keep infections and inflammations away!