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Customer's Reviews

Marie Bernadette (


“Since young, I've suffered from dry and itchy skin, commonly known as eczema. When the weather gets really hot and dry, my eczema will start to flare up. The itching can be so severe that after scratching, my skin becomes red and sore.

I usually avoid the use of harsh soap and skin products, and sometimes apply topical steroid creams to help reduce the itch. However, steroid creams can cause negative skin effects such as 'skin thinning' with prolonged use. So, it was to my joy when I was contacted by SEC Lifestyle to try out EZEQUE.

EZEQUE soothes itchy skin without steroids; it's made up of botanceutical ingredients. And I'm pleased to say that my skin is now much better because of it! So, if you also suffer from dry and itchy skin, why not give EZEQUE a try? It does not contain steroids and is made of 100% natural ingredients.” ~ Marie Bernadette


Ms Lee Soo Leng

Testimonial-Ms Lee

"I’ve had eczema for a few years now and it is giving me a lot of problems like itching, especially during the haze period. I have tried a few products to stop the itch but none of them worked for me.

I came across EZEQUE in a magazine, so I thought of giving it a try. Bought the product, used it and the itch stopped. So far, I’ve used it for 2 days, and whenever I feel the itch, I just spray the mist and amazingly the itch stopped.” ~ Ms Lee Soo Leng


Rian and Rohi


"During Rian's visit to the doctor, he was diagnosed with eczema at barely 3 months old. The doctor advised us to keep the affected areas clean and to apply moisturiser lavishly. But this is what I have been doing for weeks but with no sign of improvement.

I was introduced to EZEQUE and began to use it before and after Rian's baths (2 to 3 times a day). After about a week, the skin on his legs and arms was completely healed. Rian now has smooth baby skin and I'm really happy with the results. "