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Does EZEQUE contains any steroids or drugs?

EZEQUE is formulated using 100% Natural plant-based ingredients. It contains NO STEROIDS OR DRUGS

Does EZEQUE comes with any negative side effects when applied frequently?

EZEQUE, being 100% natural, has NO Side Effects at all. You may apply them as frequently as you desire without causing any harm to your skin.

Why do I have to apply 2 steps – Mist & Cream, when they contain the same ingredients?

Applying both the Mist & Cream enables you to have QUICKER and LONGER-LASTING itch relief.

The mist, being a liquid form, allows the aqueous Phyto-EC formulation to penetrate into the skin FAST – relieving the itch QUICKLY.

Followed by applying the Cream, it provides a PROTECTIVE film to reduce evaporation loss of the aqueous EZEQUE Mist from the epidermis – Providing LONGER-LASTING itch relief while keeping the skin moist and supple.

How often do I need to apply?

You may apply EZEQUE Mist & Cream whenever an itching sensation appears. There is no restriction to the number of times you can apply EZEQUE per day as they are 100% natural.

For a 50ml bottle, how long can it last on average?

Depending on one’s frequency of usage.

Each 50ml bottle contains approximately 400 pumps of Mist & Cream respectively.

Can I apply the Mist and Cream on my face?

Yes, EZEQUE Mist and Cream can be applied on any parts of the body including the face.

However, do take extra precaution when applying around the eye area. We highly recommend to spray the mist on a facial cotton pad first before applying to avoid getting them into the eyes.

Can EZEQUE be used for babies?

EZEQUE is formulated suitable for young children from age 2 years old and above.

For usage on babies, patch test is recommended. Apply the Mist and Cream on a small area first to observe if any skin reaction occurs. However, as EZEQUE is 100% natural, it has minimal or even no side effects on majority.

Where is EZEQUE made from?

EZEQUE is made in Singapore.

The 2 main ingredients – crystalline ice plant and phytomucin is obtained from South Africa and Korea respectively.

Does it have a sticky or greasy feeling after applying?

EZEQUE Mist and Cream is non-sticky and non-greasy.