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Enquiry :

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Key Benefits Of SEC Pet Spa

Review-2       1) Effective Deep Skin Cleansing

Because of its ultra-small size and being negatively charged, SEC bubbles can remove skin wastes and oil deposits (which has odour causing bacteria) to unclog your pooch’s pores – providing a more thorough cleansing.

They also get rid of stubborn oil coats without aggressive scrubbing, leaving your dog’s skin and coat refreshed.

In addition, this chemical-free cleansing is ideal for dogs or pets sensitive to even the mildest cleansers. No exposure to harsh chemicals found in some shampoo formulations. 



2) Excellent Skin Moisturising and Relief of Skin Itchiness

Due to the high concentration of SEC bubbles, a greater amount of oxygen is delivered into your dog’s skin to keep it moisturised and hydrated. This soothes dry, damaged skin and reduces itchiness for your pet.


 3) Sterilisation Effects

In addition to the ability to remove skin wastes from inside pores, ultrasonic waves and instant heat generated when the bubbles burst has the natural functions of sterilisation that eliminates bacteria. Sterilisation rate of 99.9% (Colon Bacillus, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Salmonella).


4) Generate Negative Ions – Anions Effect

SEC Pet Spa generate an enormous amount of negative ions that speed up the skin’s recovery process and revitalise skin cells and hair follicles – resulting in a healthier coat. Negative ions are also widely credited to enhance the immune system.


5) Therma Therapy Effects

Ultrasonic waves and the accompanying heat energy infuse deep beyond the skin to enhance blood circulation, promote metabolism, as well as recover from muscle fatigue. 

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