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Where are SEC Shower Converters made?

SEC Shower Converters are developed and made in Korea. They have undergone a series of stringent laboratory tests, and are certified by recognized testing and research institutes; namely, Korea Institute of Far Infrared Association (KIFA), DermaPro Skin & Research Centre (Seoul, Korea) and CHA Medical College. SEC Shower Converters are also attested by the Korea Atopy Association.

How are SEC bubbles generated?

SEC bubbles are generated using the proprietary Miraventurim™ Technology – a patented built-in differential converter that uses the power of water pressure to create these ultra-small SEC bubbles

SEC Shower Converters are built entirely based on engineering principles, and do not need electrical power to work. They are designed simply to work with the Singapore household water pressure (recommended water pressure of 1.5kgf/cm2 and above).

It is thus important to get your product from reliable sources to ensure that you are getting the original SEC Shower Converters. Additionally, no replenishables are required to maintain the shower converters. In other words, no maintenance costs to worry about.

How would I know if my household water pressure is strong enough?

SEC Shower Converters are designed to work with the household water pressure in Singapore. No electrical power or replenishables needed.

All housing types - Private condominiums, private apartments, terrace houses, bungalows, and HDBs have more than enough water pressure to install SEC Shower Converters.

Only HDB flats located on the top 3rd & 4th storey need to take note. The water pressure may not be strong enough to generate optimum amount of SEC bubbles. Private housing & condominiums’ water pressure are fine.


If the highest floor in your HDB block is 10 floor, the top 3rd and 4th storey flats are located on 8th and 7th storey.

If the highest floor in your HDB block is 16 floor, the top 3rd and 4th storey flats are located on 14th and 13th storey.

Call 6659-7890 if you want to verify if the water pressure in your home is ideal.

Can everyone at home use SEC Shower Converters?

Yes, SEC Shower Converters are safe to be used by anyone of any age (even pregnant ladies, babies and toddlers.)

This is because no chemicals or medical drugs are used to generate the bubbles. SEC Shower Converters uses only water to produce the SEC bubbles.

In addition, no electrical power, and no replenishables are needed to maintain the system. Put simply, no maintenance costs to worry about.

These are the reasons why so many of our customers love SEC Shower Converters!

What is the difference between SEC MOI Converter and SEC Shower System?

SEC MOI Converter is a specialized showerhead that generates the ultra-small SEC bubbles that result in a more thorough and deep cleansing effect compared to an ordinary showerhead.

SEC Shower System is designed to generate at least 10 to 15 times more SEC bubbles, negative ions and increased oxygen density compared to the MOI Converter.

Because it generates so much more bubbles, SEC Shower System is highly recommended for people with troubled skin conditions such as eczema, dry, itchy and even ageing skin. It is clinically tested to relieve itchiness and quicken skin recovery on a daily basis.

SEC MOI Converter produces the same small-sized bubbles but in lesser quantity. It is also effective but takes a longer time frame to experience the benefits. And it is definitely much better and more superior compared to an ordinary showerhead in the marketplace.

Is SEC Shower System a heater?

SEC Shower System is not a heater and does not have heating capabilities. However, it can be connected to your existing heater (whether an instant heater or storage heater). You can view some pictures in our Installation Gallery on how we do the connection.

Should I shower with the heater on?

Doctors advise against showering in warm or hot water as it will dry up the skin. It is thus recommended for people suffering from eczema and dry, itchy skin not to shower with hot water. However, this is a personal preference.

SEC Shower Converters generate the bubbles whether you are using the heater or not.

What is someone accidentally drinks the water while showering?

There are no negative effects from drinking the bubbled water. Remember, SEC Shower Converters use the proprietary Miraventurim™ Technology and water to generate the bubbles. No chemicals and no replenishables of any sort are used. No Steroids. No Drugs. No Chemicals.

Can I stop using shower gel or soap upon using SEC Shower Converters?

This is a personal choice. In fact, we have customers who reduced the amount of shower gel or soap they used in shower.

How long does it take to install the SEC Shower System?

The installation takes approximately 45mins to 1 hour at most. No drilling is required as long as your bathroom wall is flat-tiled. No wiring or piping is needed. You can view some pictures in our Installation Gallery.

As for the SEC MOI Converter, you just need to remove your current showerhead and replace it with the MOI Converter.

How long is the warranty period?

The warranty period is 12-months from the date of installation. SEC Shower System and MOI Converter are made to be durable. The materials used can withstand up to 70 degree Celsius of water temperature and 15kgf/cm2 of water pressure force.

In addition, there are no movable parts in the shower converters. Only water goes in and out of the converters. What it means is that there is very little wear and tear experienced.