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Enquiry :

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Key Benefits of SEC Shower Converters





Excellent Skin Moisturizing & Reduce Itchiness
Due to the high concentration of SEC bubbles penetrating into the skin pores, more oxygen is delivered to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized from inside-out. This soothes and calms dry, itchy skin on a daily basis.


benefit - cleansing    

Excellent Skin Cleansing Effects 
In addition to removing skin impurities and stubborn sebum deposits, SEC bubbles also get rid of dead skin cells with NO harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbing - leaving your skin refreshed and supple.


benefit - sterilisation    

Natural Sterilisation & Gentle Stimulus
Ultrasonic waves produced by the bursting of SEC bubbles eliminate bacteria from inside and outside of the skin pores with a sterilization rate of up to 99% (colon bacillus & pseudomonas aeruginosa). In addition, they stimulate your skin and hair scalp gently to re-energize and rejuvenate them.


benefit - unclogging    

Accelerate Results of Skin Care & Haircare Products
Because of its ultra-tiny size and being negatively charged, SEC bubbles can penetrate into clogged skin pores and get rid of skin impurities. This “unclogging” and skin pore cleansing then allows your haircare and skincare products to infuse faster, and achieve optimum results.


benefit - negative ions    

Generate Negative Ions – Glow to Your Skin
SEC bubbles also generate an abundance of negative ions in your bathroom – creating a relaxing shower experience for you and your loved ones. Negative ions are widely studied in Japan and are known to reduce skin fatigue, maintain youthful skin, and support a healthy immune system.