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Proprietary Miraventurim™ Technology

 Miraventurim Technology

Miraventurim™ Technology

SEC Shower Converters is an innovative shower range developed using the proprietary Miraventurim™ Technology to instantly convert ordinary water into a concentrated stream of ultra-tiny air & oxygen SEC Bubbles (5 to 10 times smaller than our skin pores). 

Unlike normal water bubbles that are much bigger, SEC bubbles are so small, they can penetrate into clogged skin pores to remove skin impurities and stubborn sebum deposits, and refreshes the skin – leaving it soft and supple.

Miraventurim Technology 2

Miraventurim™ Technology empowers the generation of ultra-tiny air and oxygen SEC bubbles without the need for electricity or replenishables that requires maintenance costs. It does not have heating function but can be connected to your current heater.

- No Maintenance Cost.

- No Replenishables Needed to be Purchased. 

- No Electricity Needed.

Clinically tested by DermaPro Skin & Research Centre, Inc. (Seoul, Korea). Further attested by the Korea Atopy Association.

Patented in 141 countries and Made in Korea

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 Patent 2 Patent 3 Patent 4



Our Customer's Testimonials:


“Our youngest daughter has persistent rashes due to her dry and itching skin conditions since birth. We had brought her to see a number of specialists and used shower products claiming to improve her condition but ended up with no significant improvement. Her constant scratching also affected her sleep at night and resulted in bleeding incidents.

We came across SEC® Shower System from a local parental magazine and did not hesitate to visit them to know more. After using SEC®  Shower System for about 2 weeks, we observed that our daughter did not scratch her skin as much as before and her skin condition improved. The rashes look gentler and her skin feels refreshed after shower. She can also sleep much better than before. The best part is my girls are always looking forward to their shower session now – all because of the bubbles!

We are thankful and appreciate the advice and support given by the friendly and approachable staff. Thank you SEC International for introducing the SEC® Shower System through their continuous research and development.”

- Angie & Aaron Tan (Parents of Alexia & Alexis)