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Enquiry :

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Unique Power of SEC Bubbles

SEC Bubbles

Smaller than Skin Pores & Hair Follicles
The size of SEC Bubbles range between 1μm to 50μm (i.e. 0.001mm to 0.05mm). Because they are smaller than skin pores and hair follicles, SEC bubbles can penetrate into them to moisturize, hydrate and cleanse them thoroughly.

Contain Larger Amount of Oxygen
A larger amount of oxygen are directly delivered into the skin and provides longer-lasting moisturization and hydration to curb dryness and itchiness.

Generation of Ultrasonic Waves Naturally
Ultrasonic waves generated gently stimulate and sterilise skin and scalp by eliminating bacteria and stubborn oil deposits without the use of any harsh chemicals.

Negatively Charged SEC Bubbles
SEC Bubbles are negatively charged. This happen naturally when they are generated with the proprietary Miraventurim Technology. And because SEC bubbles are negativey charged, this enables them to attach to stubborn sebum deposits, and remove them from inside pores and follicles.