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Enquiry :

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SEC Pet Spa

 LIMITED sets of SEC Pet Spa Promo !  

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 Korean Technology Inside ! 


SEC Pet Spa uses a proprietary Korean technology that converts ordinary tap water into a concentrated stream of ultra-small bubbles measuring 1 to 50 microns in diameter.

The size of these bubbles are so small they can penetrate into the pooch’s pores and follicles to eliminate bacteria and oil deposits. This size is critical as any size larger will be impossible to penetrate pores and follicles. (Average pore 90 to 120 microns)

Because bubbles generated by SEC Pet Spa are so small and negatively charged (naturally), they unclog pores and follicles by removing dead skin cells, stubborn oil deposits and bacteria that are difficult to eliminate through normal shampooing. 

 Reviews from Groomers  

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 Case Study: 

 Symptoms: Pooch suffering from some hair loss and skin problem.

Treatment: After 3 sessions – Visible improvement and healthy hair growth. Effective cleansing without harsh chemicals.



 LIMITED sets of SEC Pet Spa Promo !  

 60% OFF !   Call 6659-7890 to Order Now! 


SEC Pet Spa is a gentle yet effective deep skin cleansing experience. As your pooch or pet undergo the spa sessions, you will begin to see improvement in his/her coat and skin as each positive effect of SEC bubbles work together.

At the same time, SEC Pet Spa will reduce the intensity of bad odour produced by their oily coat.

Check with your groomer for SEC Pet Spa service.

 For Groomers, please call 6659-7890 to find out more ! 


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