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SEC Shower Converters

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Stop Itch

SEC Shower Converters

SEC Shower Converters is an innovative shower range specifically developed for eczema sufferers and people suffering from dry, itchy skin using the proprietary Miraventurim™ Technology. 

The Miraventurim™ Technology enables the instantaneous conversion of ordinary water into a concentrated stream of ultra-tiny air & oxygen SEC Bubbles which are 5 to 10 times smaller than our skin pores. 

SEC bubbles are so small, they can penetrate into clogged skin pores to remove skin impurities and stubborn sebum deposits while moisturising the skin at the same time, and soothes itchy eczema skin.

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SEC Shower Converters currently consist 2 key products - SEC Shower System and SEC MOI Converter



How SEC Shower Converters Help Eczema?

When SEC bubbles burst, they release oxygen directly into the skin to keep it hydrated and moisturised from the inside out. Ultrasonic waves are produced naturally at the instant to eliminate bacteria, and provide a gentle stimulus that rejuvenates the skin and nourish the hair scalp.

SEC bubbles also generate an abundance of negative ions that are known to reduce skin fatigue, maintain youthful skin, aid skin recovery, and support a healthy immune system.

SEC Bubbles

SEC Shower System is clinically tested to treat and improve eczema, dry and itchy skin conditions by DermaPro Skin & Research Centre, Inc. (Seoul, Korea). Further attested by Korea Atopy Association. 

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 Patented in 141 countries. Made in Korea.

Patent 1


 Patent 2 Patent 3 Patent 4




"After using SEC Shower System for about 2 weeks, we observed that our daughter did not scratch her skin as much as before and her skin condition improved. The rashes look gentler and her skin feels refreshed after a shower. She can also sleep much better than before." - Angie & Aaron Tan (Parents of Alexia & Alexis)


"I have taken photos to track her skin condition and as you can see from the photos, the wound has healed nicely and her skin is not as dry as before. She has also scratched lesser in her sleep. Thank you so much!“ - Family of May and Seng


"SEC Shower System has definitely helped make my daily life more tolerable, and I have hope that it will do much more in time to come. Thank you for the SEC® Shower System!"  - Mark Bay


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