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Edmund - Shower System

"My son suffers from the beginning stages of Eczema, as he has very dry, scaly and itchy skin. I don’t know about you, but I face the challenge of applying the lotion on him. I need to remind him everyday, remind my helper everyday, and remind him everyday. This is to ensure that there is a higher percentage of my boy NOT forgetting to apply the lotion. However, in this imperfect world, he still forgets…

When I was first introduced to SEC converters, I was a bit skeptical, as I have never heard of them. But looking at the research, my interest was piqued, as the “bubbles” sounded magical. Upon installation, we did a simple test.

I put one hand into the shower and washed it with the “Bubbled” water. At the first touch, the water felt softer, and leaving it under the wash after 3 minutes, I looked at my hands. Somehow it felt different, and my skin felt smoother.

I told my wife about it, and my wife thought I was crazy. You can tell, who is the bigger skeptic in the house! 

Anyway, we went around with our normal duties, and got the kids to bathe with the “bubbles” regularly. After 3 weeks, my wife went to examine my son’s skin condition. She remarked that the skin condition has improved!

Sounds hard to believe right…I guess you will only know, if you try it out for yourself!" ~ Edmund


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