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Enquiry :

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Mark Bay - Shower System

"I have suffered from eczema since a young age and it has stuck with me since. After using SEC Shower System, I feel myself more refreshed and my skin much more hydrated after each shower. I also experience less pain on my wounds when showering because of the more “gentle” water and its accompanying small bubbles (SEC Bubbles).

Even though there is little visible result yet on my skin (I think this is due to my repeatedly damaged and scarred skin over the years, which probably will take a longer time to heal back to its original state), I believe that in the long term I will see more visible results.

For now, I am already sleeping better, and experiencing less itching symptoms in the day and in the night. SEC Shower System has definitely helped make my daily life more tolerable, and I hope that it will do much more in time to come. Thank you for the SEC Shower System!" ~ Mark Bay


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