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Rohi Ihor



"Hi, I'm Rohi Ihor and I have two kids - Roan Krixus Goh who is 20 months and Rian Kristan Goh who is 4 months.

Rian was born in April with healthy good skin. However, when he was about 3 weeks old, he started to develop a slight rash on his face, arms and legs. Slowly, it got worse and his skin started to become rough.

The initial diagnosis from a private doctor was heat rash and the doctor gave me a cream to use on Rian. It worked initially but the rash would still come back.

The rash became worse which started to worry me. During Rian's 3rd month visit to the polyclinic, the doctor diagnosed him with Eczema/Sensitive Skin. She advised me to keep the affected areas clean and apply moisturiser lavishly. But this was what I was already doing which was why I began to seek other alternatives.

This was when I was introduced to EZEQUE. I was really impressed because the sales person did not hard sell the product but explained to me that everyone's skin is different and it may not be suitable for Rian. So, I will need to test it out on his wrist to see if he had any sensitivity first.

I used both the mist and the cream; before and after Rian's baths for 2-3 times a day. After about a week, the skin on his legs and arms were no longer rough and his face was also starting to get better.

The rashes on his face were the most severe and took awhile more. After about a month of usage, Rian now has smooth baby skin and I'm really happy with the results.

I am also using the HIYA PURE Bubble Soap for both my sons. I switch to this soap at the start of the year because other baby soaps were hurting my elder son's eyes. And he would often cry while bathing when the soap entered his eyes.

After switching to HIYA PURE, I no longer have this problem. I am able to start teaching Roan to bath on his own without being afraid of him getting soap into his eyes and crying. Another plus point is the very nice scent after the bath.

One other product Rian is using is the HIYA PURE Barrier cream. It protects his bum-bum well and is definitely a much better alternative to conventional creams which would dry up and harden on his bums.

Thank you, SEC Lifestyle for these awesome products and I look forward to the other products."

- Rohi

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